Our Range of Services

Kadfire offers a comprehensive range of integrated information services allowing Transport Companies to tailor communications around their customers needs as well as service level requirements.

  • iPhone


    Interactive Passenger Information from Kadfire
    RailPoint provides passengers with live travel updates, planned improvement works, timetables and other key travel information. more >

  • journey

    Journey Planning

    Timetable solutions that integrate directly into Train Operating Company websites. more >

  • Timetable Editing Software

    Timetable Editing Software

    Our Transport Information Management Editing System (T.I.M.E.S) enables Kadfire to utilise the most reliable electronic data available for the fast and accurate production of timetable products. more >

  • Timetable Productions

    Timetable Production

    Kadfire uses T.I.M.E.S to manipulate train service data and compile bespoke, compliance-based timetable products. more >

  • Information Design

    Information Design

    Our full-service design studio manages our client’s information communication, brand and print needs from beginning to end. more >

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