Timetable Editing Software

Kadfire has been working with German based software developer HaCon for almost 10 years, implementing timetable software solutions in the UK market.

Our Transport Information Management Editing System (T.I.M.E.S) is the leading software solution in its field. Developed with our software development partner HaCon, and in conjunction with five major TOCs, T.I.M.E.S enables Kadfire to utilise the most reliable electronic data available for the fast and accurate production of timetable products.

T.I.M.E.S uses a database built and maintained by Kadfire. This database is constantly under revision to ensure that all information processed through T.I.M.E.S is as accurate as possible.

The T.I.M.E.S database includes extensive information on:

  • station names
  • operator indicators and descriptions
  • standard National Rail and operator specific symbols
  • standard and minimum interchange times including Inter-TOC variations
  • rail-bus links
  • rail replacement bus
  • other inter-connecting travel services
Timetable Editing Software

"T.I.M.E.S is one of our best assets enabling us to produce highly accurate and reliable timetable products in the fastest possible time"

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